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Internet Service Providers

Are you searching for internet provider options in your area? The two most important factors to consider when looking for an internet provider, the speed and the price. Unfortunately, these two factors rarely come together. Most of the high-speed connections come with rather hefty monthly rates. And if you settle for the cheapest provider, you will likely have to settle with less than desirable speeds.

Of course, you don’t have to go to either extreme. You simply have to weigh the options and make a compromise. To help you make some comparisons, we have listed the top 4 fastest internet providers today. 

Fastest Internet Providers

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans

($55–$110/mo.) Excellent customer service

AT&T has proven reliability and consistent speeds. AT&T offers Fiber-optic internet service, which is delivered over microscopic glass strands as pulses of light with download speeds over 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps—gigabit per second). fiber internet services can reach max 5 Gbps, so we recommend it if it’s available near you. If not, AT&T’s Internet 100 plan isn’t bad for the price. AT&T separates its plans into two tiers: AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet. 

Fiber Internet 300
500 Mbps
Starting at $55/mo
  • Great for multiple devices, binge streaming, and gaming

  • AT&T ActiveArmorSM Internet Security & Wi-Fi® gateway

  • No price increase at 12 mos., annual contract, or data caps

Fiber Internet 1000
Starting at $80/mo
  • Ideal for telecommuting, online gaming, seamless collaboration, and a fully connected home

  • AT&T ActiveArmorSM Internet Security & Wi-Fi® gateway included

  • No price increase at 12 mos., annual contract, or data caps

Fiber Internet 2000
Starting at $110/mo
  • For the powerfully interconnected home, work, family and life.

  • The fastest Wi-Fi gateway included. Plus, no price increase at 12 months, no annual contract, no data caps, and no equipment fees

  • 2 GIG equal upload and download speeds.


Xfinity Popular Internet Plans 

($55–$80/mo.) Download speeds up to 6 Gbps

Xfinity is the largest broadband provider in the U.S. Xfinity offers a variety of plans for their different services including a 30-day money-back guarantee, contract-free options. With their latest xFi Gateway feature, Xfinity can give you amazing internet speeds reaching up to 6 Gbps in some areas. That’s 6 Gig of streaming, surfing and online gaming speed. Xfinity prices vary from region to region, so you could end up paying more depending on where you live.

Gigabit Extra
1200 Mbps
Starting at $80/mo
  • Unlimited devices

  • Stream with the ultimate WiFi experience

  • Multiplayer gaming

800 Mbps
Starting at $70/mo
  • Up to 11 devices at a time

  • Download shows quickly

  • Stream in HD on multiple devices

400 Mbps
Starting at $55/mo
  • Up to 8 devices at a time

  • Download music and photos

  • Stream content and video conferencing

Spectrum Popular Internet Plans

($49.99–$89.99/mo.) Contract-free internet plans

Spectrum Internet packages come in three download speeds at different affordable prices. Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Internet Ultra and Spectrum Internet Gig. With Spectrum Internet speeds, you’ll be able to do video calls, stream shows, and surf the internet without buffering. Spectrum Internet Ultra ups the ante for larger households who work and do school from home. Spectrum Internet Gig, which allows you to upload large files, stream in 4K, and more, simultaneously. Get up to 940 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary).

Spectrum Internet
300 Mbps
Starting at $49.99/mo
  • Great for families

  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps

  • Get a free internet modem

Spectrum Internet Ultra
500 Mbps
Starting at $69.99/mo
  • Large families and best for gamers

  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps

  • Up to 500 Mbps download speeds

Spectrum Internet Gig
1000 Mbps
Starting at $89.99/mo
  • Spectrum’s best internet speeds

  • Download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps

  • Fast upload speeds for smooth video calls and more

Cox Popular Internet Plans

($29.99–$99.99/mo.) Affordable packages

You can find Cox services in select areas of 18 states and Washington, D.C. Most Cox internet plans are fairly affordable and some of Cox’s internet plans come close to fiber speed. Internet Preferred 150 and Gigablast are the best of Cox’s packages. Cox Straightup internet plan, you get the same price for three years, and you pay month-by-month. Cox’s has a monthly 1 TB (terabyte) cap, but it’s comparable to streaming over 400 hours of HD movies and TV shows.

940 Mbps
Starting at $99.99/mo
  • Download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps

  • Upgraded 35 Mbps upload speeds

  • Cox’s fastest home internet plan

Internet Ultimate 500
500 Mbps
Starting at $79.99/mo
  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps

  • Fast 10 Mbps upload speeds

  • Excellent fit for most households

Internet Preferred 250
250 Mbps
Starting at $59.99/mo
  • Download speeds up to 250 Mbps

  • Great for online gaming, working from home, and more

  • Easy access to over 4M wifi hotspots

Before you make a selection, you should consider all options with caution. Figure out how much money you can afford to spend on your monthly internet subscription, as well as the speed that you actually need. Let us help you compare the choices and pick the one that best suits your needs. Give us a call now!

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